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My fitness journey started a little later in life.

Until my mid twenties, I had an unhealthy relationship with food, smoked on the regular, and my idea of exercise was fist pumping on the dance floor each weekend.  Which is another way of saying…no matter how fitness-challenged you’re feeling right now, you can make it work!

I stayed pretty active during my first pregnancy in 2011 but I didn’t know much about prenatal fitness. I later discovered that I neglected the core work I needed to stave off diastasis recti (abdominal separation) from carrying my 9.5-pound bundle of joy. So the recovery process became a long one, and it wasn’t until eight months postpartum that I really got back on track. The journey to get my body back was a challenging but an incredibly empowering experience. I felt the drive to share my experience and inspire others!

So how would I do that?  

My first step was to get certified as a personal trainer with ACE, specializing in pre- and postnatal fitness. Studying and practicing got me fired up about educating myself and others! Along the way, I got pregnant with baby #2. By exam day, I had an eight month belly and probably took 9 pee breaks BUT I crushed it and was ready for the next step.

So what was the next step?

Find a way to put this certification to use while also maintaining my personal recovery goals as a priority. Hmmm - two munchkins, workouts, personal training?  Easy, right?! After mastering the art of balancing (PSYCH! Who really has it all figured out?) I decided the best solution was to take my talents to Instagram.  A way to both inspire and be inspired to make it work.

What began as an outlet for workout ideas and videos soon became something much more: a means of connecting with women from all over the world who understood where I’m coming from and where I was trying to go. Together we overcame the same challenges, celebrated the same victories, shared the same passion to be the best we could be for ourselves and our kids. It was a tremendous blessing to find a place and a voice in that community—all the more so when I got pregnant again with #3 (seeing a trend here?) after a few months of posting videos. Instagram soon became a way of starting conversations with prenatal moms about the importance of core and pelvic floor—conversations that seemed to beg for a more extensive platform than IG could provide. Hence…

Make It Work Momma, now in website form!

This site isn’t just a library of workout of videos, though there’s that. And it isn’t just a collection of blog posts, though there’s that too. More than that—and more importantly too—it’s an incubator for conversations big and small: a place where we can celebrate together, commiserate together, try harder together, get better together. Corny as it might sound…it’s TRUE! I’ve lived it and I want you to live it too—and is where it all starts.

If we set our minds to it, take baby steps, and stay positive, we’ll get to where we want to be. I mean after all…we’re moms! We can MacGyver any problem you throw at us and above all else…

We know how to Make It Work!!!