The BEST Green Smoothies For Kids

Wouldn’t it be great if your kids just ate everything you gave them? And if they changed their own diapers and potty trained themselves and…?

Yeah yeah I know. But it’s nice to dream.  

I mean, don’t get me wrong—my kids are pretty good with their food. Really it’s more about ME not finding the time (or just plain not having the energy) to whip up a nice homemade meal every night with fruit and veggies and all the rest of the good stuff.  But the good news is that there’s a quick-and-easy solution: 

Green smoothies! 

And more specifically…GOOD green smoothies that your kids will love! 

There’s obviously no exact science to a killer smoothie, but I’ve picked up a few tricks over the years that seem to help my kiddos get excited about the green stuff. Here’s what I’ve got: 

Group effort!
My kids LOVE getting their hands dirty in the kitchen. I let them pick out which fruits or veggies we’re using and toss all the ingredients into the blender…then talk about which ones turned the smoothie which colors…then we try to taste them all when we drink it. Delicious fun!

Almond milk
We use unsweetened vanilla almond milk and it’s been working great for us. If the kids didn’t get much milk the day before I might do half cow’s milk and half almond milk—really any milk will work as long as it’s not sweetened. 

Frozen bananas, mangos and pineapple  
One of these should ALWAYS be in the smoothie—just a little bit does wonders to any ward off any bitter aftertaste that might get the “EWWWW” face from the kids. And if you can add all three…even better!

Green powder
Yay for stealthy healthiness! I love this one by MacroLife Naturals—the taste is pretty neutral and we’ve had no tummy issues. If we’re ever out of veggies, I double the dose of green powder that day.

Frozen spinach
All my smoothies have about a cup of frozen spinach in them.  If you don’t have the pre-frozen stuff, you can just buy bagged spinach and throw it in the freezer overnight—voila! And if you I don’t have spinach period, kale or other dark leafy will get the job done. Make it work!

Fruit! And then more fruit!
I don’t measure this as much as eyeball it—I keep adding frozen fruit until it’s almost covered by the almond milk but still peeking out. This is usually 1-2 cups of fruit. 

Greek yogurt
A couple big spoonfuls will add extra protein and smooth out the texture. Remember—try not to buy the kind with added sugar!

My basic recipe usually looks something like this: (serves my two littles and 1 or 2 adults)
500mL Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk
1 scoop of green powder
1 cup frozen spinach
½ cup greek yogurt
1 - 2 cups frozen fruit
Blend and enjoy!

I’m always playing around with this recipe and tweaking depending on how everyone’s health is and what I have on hand on any given day. There’s no magic formula so use your imagination and be creative! And if you’re looking for inspiration, think about…

Protein powder
I’ll add this if I’m out of yogurt or I feel like the kids haven’t been getting enough protein. I’m loving all the organic grass-fed options out there—check out this one by Natural Force.

Fish oils  
I use fermented cod liver oil and prefer this one from Green Pasture. This stuff is SO GOOD for everyone so I add some whenever I remember. (Make a sticky note—it helps!) I usually only add 1-2 servings so as not overpower the smoothie.

Nut butter
Peanut, almond, cashew—whatever you have!  A scoop of this with frozen bananas, strawberries and spinach gets a thumbs-up for taste from my kids every time…and a thumbs-up from me for the protein and potassium! 

Last but not least…which blender?
I just got a new blender and I LOVE it. You can find it here. I was using this Ninja one for a while and it was great (and more affordable!) but I didn’t like how I had to keep my finger on the Blend button the whole time I blended.  With my new one, I hit a button and walk away and…boom, taken care of! There’s even a Smoothie setting! When you have two kids running around, this makes your morning a heck of a lot easier.  

Here are some other great recommendations from Sweethome. If you haven’t heard of Sweethome, check it out!  Changed my life. You’re welcome.